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Provide Personalized Recommendations for Users With Affiliate Software

If you’re looking to gain greater insight into the behavior of your customers and figure out why some purchases are completed while others are abandoned, TavaHatz has the solution for you. Our cart sharing tools are a great way to boost your company’s engagement with your users and expand your reach with your target audience. Reach out to us today for the MLM affiliate software you need.

Cart sharing allows users to share their cart with others, making it easier not only for friends and family members to quickly and efficiently make the purchases they need but also for businesses to create product lists their customers may want for their convenience. For example, if you’re an appliance company, a cart sharing tool allows you to craft a list of products a customer may need to install their new appliance, and a customer could easily add the list to their cart with one click. This makes shopping easier and more efficient, and it leaves your customers happy and satisfied with your business.

Direct selling companies can also use our cart sharing tools as MLM affiliate software. Influencers or other affiliate organizations or users may craft carts for your potential customers to view and purchase.


Use Tracking Capabilities for Greater Insight 

When it comes to MLM affiliate software, you want to be sure that you have quality features that allow you to collect usable data to improve your marketing strategies. That’s where our cart sharing tools come in. Our cart sharing tools come with tracking capabilities, so you can gain greater insight into your customers by tracking their link clicks.

Our affiliate software can easily monitor metrics such as page views, impressions, and clicks to make it easier for you to keep an eye on various aspects of your products. Determine which products need more marketing and which products are the most popular!

To learn more about how our cart sharing tools or other unique affiliate software solutions can boost your direct selling business, reach out to our team today at TavaHatz. We’re committed to your satisfaction!