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Your Business, Everywhere.
We create integrated online business systems to empower your distributors.

The tools and features your organization needs

Web tools that allow your company and distributors to do what they want, where they want to do it, when it needs to be done.


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Closed Network Talk/Chat Organization Communication Tool.


Mobile App for member account management and reporting.


Corporate Customer Service Portal with ticket tracking system, and chat feature


Distributor Online Office and Retail Replicated Sites


TeamLink Chat Feature

Built from the perspective of your distributors; integrated to fit your corporate needs

Distributor Web Offices
All the latest back office design features including a quick reference dashboard, social media linking, intra-media posting, real-time graphical reports, resource library, calendars, and the kitchen sink!

Recruiting and Shopping Sites
We understand that your distributors will not be successful if they cannot effectively present the business opportunity to others. TAVAHATZ delivers a “face” to your opportunity with the latest Retail Shopping and Business Opportunity Site designs.

Team Communication App
TeamLink Chat Feature
Available revolutionary tech for inter-team communication using a corporate database linked push-to-talk application, allowing teams to connect while providing your corporate sales team the ability to communicate to the field.

Responsive Development
Web development so your business looks good on any screen. Whether your team is accessing their account via a tablet, laptop, or smart phone, each screen will automatically format and display in a desirable fashion.

Customise totally

Change the wallpaper displayed on your home screens, organise apps in folders and add widgets to view your most important information at a glance.


To change your wallpaper, touch & hold anywhere on a home screen that’s not occupied. Touch the Wallpaper option and you’re ready to choose the one that you want.

Widgets & app folders

To add widgets, touch & hold anywhere on a home screen that’s not occupied. Touch the Widgets option and you’re ready to choose the one that you want to add.
To create a folder, touch & hold an app icon and slide it on top of another app icon.

Make your phone work for you

Get the information that you want when you need it most with Google.

Google Now cards

To view the Google Now cards that are waiting for you at any time, open the Google app and scroll down to see all of your cards. You can also access the Google app by swiping up from the home button.

Secure your phone

You can secure your phone by setting a screen lock with a PIN, password or pattern. Each time that you turn on your device or wake up the screen, you’ll be asked to unlock your device.

Lock screen

Open your device’s Settings menu and under “Personal”, touch Security. Under “Screen security”, touch Screen lock. Touch the screen lock that you’d like to use and follow the instructions.

Save your thoughts, wherever you are

You can use Google Keep to create notes quickly and easily. Keep syncs your notes to Google so that you can access them virtually anywhere: on your Android phone, tablet, an Android wearable, through a Chrome app and on the web.

Google Keep

To start using Google Keep on your Android device, open the Google Keep app and sign in with your Google account.

Find your phone if lost

Android Device Manager can help you find, lock and erase your phone if you lose your Android device. To use Android Device Manager, you only need to add your Google Account to your device.

Never lose a photo

Automatically back up your photos and videos to Google+ by turning on Auto-Backup.


Open the Photos app, touch the menu button and select Settings. Touch Auto-Backup and switch the toggle On.

Delivering the Big Business look on a Small Company budget.

Services Include:


Warehouse Systems Integrations


As your warehousing needs become more complex, so does the data integration process. TAVAHATZ can integrate your database with multiple warehouses, in all of your markets—domestic and foreign.

Custom Software Development


TAVAHATZ can work in tandem with your development team, or we can BE your development team. We program in almost any language and can integrate with any database.

Other Process Integrations


Full integrations with all API accessible data systems. TAVAHATZ has extensive experience integrating with the following companies:

  • Exigo
  • Orbsix
  • InfoTrax

Tools designed to simplify corporate and distributor interaction*
TeamLink: A closed network chat and text tool for distributor to team, and corporate to distributor communications

Customer Service Portal: A customer service portal with a built in ticket tracking and chat system

Executive Reporting: providing real-time, fully custom sales summary reports

Save your thoughts, wherever you are

Find your phone if lost

Never lose a photo

Introducing TeamLink: The Industry’s First Closed-Network, Integrated Chat Application…

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