How to Streamline the Shopping Experience Using Cart Sharing Tools

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If a customer is on your website and considering whether to make a purchase, it’s crucial to convert them as quickly as possible. The more a customer delays, the more likely you are to miss out on a sale. As such, you need to streamline the shopping experience on your e-commerce website as much as possible. The less friction and the more quickly you get customers to pull the trigger, the better.

One of the best things you can do is set up cart-sharing tools for your various online shops. With a cart-sharing tool, a customer can use the same shopping cart to add products from different websites to the same cart. Then, when they’re done shopping, they only have to check out once to complete multiple purchases.

Why Cart-Sharing Tools Are So Popular

The convenience offered by a cart-sharing tool should be pretty obvious. Checking out on e-commerce website portals can be a huge pain. Customers may have to enter their credit card number and shipping address over and over again. Some customers will simply get annoyed and decide not to purchase something. They might order a few things from one website, but then decide it’s not worth ordering a few other things on another website.

A cart-sharing tool greatly reduces the tediousness of shopping online. Further, it’s possible for smaller stores and brands to essentially team up to offer customers a one-stop-shop experience. Many people rely on the biggest websites simply because it’s easier to get everything in one place. With a shared shopping cart, smaller e-commerce brands can band together to close the gap.

Who Should Use Shared Shopping Carts?

It’s common for e-commerce companies with multiple brands and storefronts to use shared cart features. In this case, the different stores aren’t competing against each other, and the parent company can enjoy income either way. It’s also possible for smaller independent companies to share carts, but it may be best to ensure that the participants aren’t direct competitors.

Shared carts are also becoming very common for direct sales and multi-level marketing campaigns. According to ZipDo, America has the largest direct sales market globally, accounting for nearly 20% of sales worldwide. Shared carts can make it easier to manage multiple direct sales teams and e-commerce website portals. They are also great for MLM campaigns.

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