What Are Cart-Sharing Tools?

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When your customers shop online, they may shop at different retailers within a short period. With cart-sharing tools, it’s easier than ever for them to patronize multiple online retailers without checking out at separate sites. Here’s some insight into these tools and how they can benefit your business.

Enable More Efficient Shopping

A good example of the efficiency of cart sharing is Uber Eats. When a person orders at one restaurant on Uber Eats, they are often able to add a delivery from another store without being charged an additional delivery fee. They can get a burger from Shake Shack and a coffee from Starbucks on the same delivery.

More robust tools have connections to hundreds of other retailers. Customers can take items from various retailers and put them all in one cart or shopping list. As a result, they’ll have an easier and more streamlined checkout process since they can check out once instead of at 10 different stores.

Let Customers Share Shopping Easily

According to NerdWallet, a third-party processor makes it easier for immediate card payments to be accepted at flat rates. Third-party tools now also make it possible for customers to share their carts across stores or with people they care about. It’s always fun to go shopping with family or friends at brick-and-mortar stores, and with cart-sharing tools, your customers can have a similar experience online. These tools allow customers to create unique card IDs that different people can add to. This process can make it easier for them to plan events like bridal or baby showers, blowout birthdays, and holidays. It can also result in a lot of exposure for your business.

Allow for Planning

Maybe a customer doesn’t want to keep shopping at the moment, but they want to continue looking at products later. With cart-sharing tools, it’s easy for them to plan what they need to buy and add to their cart over time. This can significantly lower cart abandonment rates.

As you can see, cart-sharing tools can make shopping easier and more fun for your customers, even in an online environment. They can share the shopping experience with those they love or simply take their time to patronize different businesses without needing to check out at multiple sites. To learn more about this exciting e-commerce feature and how you can incorporate it into your business, contact TavaHatz today.

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